Abi Ruqayyah Tameem bin Aus ad-Daaree (radiya Allahu `Anhu) reports that the Prophet (sala Allahu `alihi was-Salim) said:‘The Deen is (sincere) advice – Naseeha!” 


english nasheeds

Videos of English nasheeds (Islamic songs) - rejoicing the life of Prophet Muhammad.


arabic qasidah

Qasidah is a poetic form developed in pre-Islamic Arabia and perpetuated throughout Islamic literary history into the present. The qasidah has always been respected as the highest form of the poetic art and as the special forte of the pre-Islamic poets. 


hadrah (presence)

Hadrah (Presence) is a Sufi communal gathering of dhikr (prayer of remembrance) and its associated liturgical rituals, prayers, and song recitals. The “presence” referred to was that of God, but since the eighteenth century it has been considered the spiritual presence of Muhammad. Typically begins with a reading of the office of order and prayers, followed by dhikr and its rituals. 


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