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Moon Clouds

201 Names

of Prophet Muhammad


"With the mention of the names of the pious ones, mercy comes down"

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has many titles and names. Some are mentioned in the Quran, and some in the Sunnah. In the book of Dala'il Al-Kayrat, the author listed 201 names. In this nasheed we recited these holy names with a salawat after each name. We mixed two versions fo this nasheed, one with duff and one with vocals only. We hope that through such projects, we bring some peace and light into your hearts!

Reciting and reading Mawlid is important in the life of Muslims, because praising the Prophet helps to increase one’s appreciation and love for Sayyidina Muhammad (pbuh). After Belief in Allah (swt), the love a Muslim has for Sayyidina Muhammad is the most important factor in his or her spiritual life. If love is missing, one’s faith (Iman) is missing as well. The more we love our Prophet, the more our Iman will increase. The intention behind “Mawlid of the Pride of Creation” is to give all English speakers the ability to celebrate the Mawlid by reciting and singing the poetry of the story of Sayyidna Muhammad's (pbuh) birth, and to also allow those who read and listen to the words to understand something about his greatness and his magnificent reality. 

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Featured Album

the sun of guidance

Date of release: June 16, 2017 


"The Sun of Guidance" is a collection of gems in terms of Nasheed lyrics and melodies. The Album is all about praising the Beloved of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad (pbuh). For writing his lyrics, Ali Elsayed drew upon his years of studying with great Shaykhs and teachers of Islamic spirituality.

This Album is all about the importance of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to each and every human being, about his role in this existence and about his spiritual reality. Ali Elsayed's unique vocal talents and his love for Allah and His Prophet (pbuh) come across in every Nasheed on this Album.


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