Shaykh Nazim Nasheeds 

بدأنا الامر بالله لما برق اليماني

 بانت مضارب ليلى بناظم الحقاني

 فكم سقاناعقيقا من خمره لا نعاني

 وكم طربنا بقبرص ليلا وكل الأواني

 يا أيها القدس بشرا قد ولى وقت الهوان

 هذا امام الأنام المهدي والحقاني

 مهدي يا مهدي يا مهدي بلغنا كل الأمان

 صَلِّ يا رب على احمد النبي والعدواني 

We started this matter with Allah, when the sword of Al-Yamani shined
the tents of Layla (our beloved) appeared, when Nazim Al-Haqqani appeared 

so many times he gave us to drink in Aqiq cups, we never suffered from his wine 
and how many times we became ecstatic in Cyprus, continuously and every time 

Good tidings oh Jerusalem, the time of weakness have passed 
This is the master of mankind, this is the Mahdi and the one on truth 

Come oh owner of your era, hury up and do not delay 
Appear to us this is your time, and strike with your magnificent sword 

Mahdi ya Mahdi ya Mahdi, let us reach to safety 
Send blessings upon Ahmad oh My lord, the Prophet the Adnani

Nazim AlHaqqani